Final Feedback

Emily's feedback was positive:

"13. Organise information sequentially; good attempt to design the logo and exhibition floor plan. Your proposal would benefit from a poster design to explain the concept and attract visitors. Think about looking more closely to the science of how we see for you logo design (currently the typography is too distorted and needs refining; go back to the first proposal and develop that one) 

14. Experiment with graphic design conventions;

good investigation of experimental format to use the pods; this was also mentioned by Grace from the RVC as very innovative and realisable solution to an immersive experience in an exhibition.  Presentation sheets were very clear, well organised and thorough. Well done."

Based on this I would really like to work with Alexia to rework the logo to make the type less distorted to work better with the overall aesthetic of the brand design. I would also like to try and design a poster to advertise the exhibition; involving the branding and an explanation of the concept.

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