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As I would like to have families as part of my audience, I thought about the need for mothers/fathers to rest after the exhibition. Most museums have a cafe which allows the parents to take a break from taking care of their children and to relax with tea and some light bites. This is where the idea of having an Owl themed cafe comes in.

In Japan, there are many unusual cafes such as cat cafes, dog cafes and rabbit cafes. There is also an owl cafe where customers are invited to dine with the presence of owls around them. After googling, I found that London actually held a pop-up owl cafe (Annie the Owl cafe) once in a secret location and the people found it an interesting experience.  

The cafe might bring up issues such as confining animals in a closed space, which may be considered unethical. However, it might inform the public that owls should not be one of their choices of 'pets', after their experience at the owl cafe.

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