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Perception can be studied using the different sensory inputs - Hearing, Tasting, Touching, Seeing and Smelling. I wanted to focus on the aspect of seeing, so my starting point of looking at Nocturnal animals is through looking at their ability to see in the dark.

I wanted to turn it into a VR experience using goggles so that the viewers can see what the animals see at night. Humans do not have the same number of rods and a reflector system called Tapetum lucidum as nocturnal animals do, so it would be interesting to be able to see in the dark with the help of built-in lighting in the goggles.

Another aspect of animals' vision which I found intriguing was the fact that some of them (eg. snakes) see using heat. Perhaps the room could be lit using various projections of the colours that form the heat map, so we can see the world from the eyes' of snakes. 

But these are just some ideas that I could potentially include in my exhibition.

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