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Easter break is now over and I have to admit I didn't got far in the making of my book but I realise that it's not a bad thing because I just found a much more efficient way of binding this project : I have recently got a job from the UAL website Creative Opportunities. This page is incredibly resourceful, and easy to use. I can't believe it is not advertised more by our uni -in a way it happened to be a good thing for e because it means that the concurrence for the post I applied to wasn't too extensive-. Anyway, all my friends were like 'waah so good you got that placement, sounds so cool" etc etc. 

CAREFULL READING THE NEXT PARAGRAPH I might sound really up my self.

Since the start of my foundation year at CSM, I had many amazing opportunities through uni. I sometime have this weird feeling that people think that I am just lucky. As I wrote previously, I believe you need to take what you want. But the truth is in serval case, I didn't had to look for taking anything because opportunities were given to me. Although, I don't take anything for granted.  I work hard and this how I got the chances to do so many amazing projects. And I think people should get motivated to do so too.

My point is, this uni is an amazingly web of creatives and is so so resourceful : more people should take advantage of it.

SO all of this talking to get back to my project : I am thinking about turning this project into a campaign promoting UAL Creative Opportuinities.

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