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Hattie Stewart is known as a 'professional doodler' and is known for her quirky ways of defacing postcards and magazine covers. Her most popular works include doodling over current magazine covers featuring current celebrities and pop artists.

Stewart has the ability to take something that is already a piece of art in itself (magazine cover, postcard etc) and transform it into another piece of art thats entirely her own. Not only is she able to do this, but she has also been able to put across a very bold, interesting style of her own - consisting of a clear colour scheme (mainly pinks whites and blacks), geometric shapes and cartoon eyes.

The concept of taking something/an original piece and transforming it in this way can be applied to my proposal, as it consists of deconstructing something typography for example and rearranging it/transforming it to create something original. In order to explore these themes I will experiment with defacing images and magazine covers - as well as taking them apart and reconstructing them.

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