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Mando Footloose chain less bicycle by Mark Saunders

"There are many types of electric bicycles available, but the Mando footloose is a paradigm shift, with a clean and simple design that has created a new archetype. Firstly, it removes all the typical drive-train components- oily chain, chain rings, cogs and dérailleurs- and replaces them with an alternator, battery and motor that is completely programmable, making the ride infinitely adjustable. By contributing your own energy, the standard range of 30km can be increased even more. Using the throttle, the motor drive can be controlled so you can ride without pedalling, and artificially intelligent gear- shifting automatically changes gear by detecting slopes. Secondly, it is a foldable solution, making it much more adaptable when not in use, Finally, a portable interface is mounted on the handlebar so you can check a wide variety of information including distance, speed, battery and self-generated power status. And, just like an automotive smart key, the bike is immobilised when the key is removed." ~Paul Marchant

I like the fact that it can be collapsed and be stored away.As a result, this encourages people to use bicycles to work and therefore this reduced the environmental impact. The simple and efficient design will also mean that there are less additional components that are moving, meaning that the bicycle won't break often. Overall, I can see these being made in different colours and styles for people that want to customise their bikes. 

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