I went to Walton on Thames Camping and Caravanning Club Site at Field Common Lane KT12 3QG with my friend and her family. I took some photos of the environment there, how people cooking, sleeping, spending time with their families or friends there, when they are camping or caravanning. I found that people like sleeping in the tent together especially kids, although sometimes it’s crowed, for example me and my friends we have four people but we chose to crow in a 2 people tents together, because It’s really nice to spend the whole night with friends together. 

When I was using the sleeping bag, I think It is not very comfortable because I do not have enough room for me to move inside the sleeping bag, which made me feel restricted. And when we were making barbecue, the weather was cold, I don't want to get out of my sleeping bag, I want to barbecue and wear the sleeping bag in the same time. 

About the camp cooking, We usually use the camp fire to cook food. But we can also use some cooking equipment. I put the metal boxes on fire, although metal transfer heat really fast, which can make the food cook soon, but It is really hot to touch too and not look very nice.


I interview some people during the camping to ask what the biggest problem they have during the camping. I got about twenty five different answers and I am going to design a product to solve these problems.

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