I went to a large Decathlon shop today. They were selling lots of outdoor equipments. I was looking at the camping equipment, such as different kinds of tents, sleeping bags, tools and so on. When I was observing camping area, I found that camping is a quite popular activity. When I was looking at a sleeping bag, I think it’s way too big for people to use it, which is unnecessary. Especially for female and children, it’s too big for them. And maybe this will be a little bit heavy for camping. But, the advantage of this huge sleeping bag is people can have more space to move when they were sleeping in the tents, maybe kids and their parents sleep in this huge sleeping bag together. 

I think this type of sleeping bag more like the one you used in our family camping, like a family trip, caravan. While tighter one more suitable for survival camping, or people go to some really cold places.

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