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Common ways to implement the Scout method include having Scouts spending time together in small groups with shared experiences, rituals, and activities, and emphasizing good citizenship and decision-making by young people in an age-appropriate manner. Weekly meetings often take place in local centres known as Scout dens. Cultivating a love and appreciation of the outdoors and outdoor activities is a key element. Primary activities include campingwoodcraftaquaticshiking, backpacking, and sports.[58][59]


Influence on society

After the inception of Scouting in the early 1900s, the movement has sometimes been taken part in social movements such as the civil rights struggle in the American South and in nationalist resistance movements in India. Although scouting was introduced to Africa by British officials as a way to strengthen their rule, the values they based scouting on helped to challenge the legitimacy of British imperialism. Likewise, African Scouts used the Scout Law's principle that a Scout is a brother to all other Scouts to collectively claim full imperial citizenship.[104][105]

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