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Giving the second life to the secondhand materials – this is the idea to be used in my new project.  In my last design, by far dominated by forms and shapes, the character of the material was not actually of such great importance. Now, to reflect the climate and the ostentatious nature of punks, I want to use old, run down and worn out materials. In my project they will represent the spirit of contestation of that era. It seems to me, that some of them can not be simply completely destroyed; riddled or ragged.


The second idea is the “devastation” of new materials. So far, I am in the exploration phase. I intend to look for the contrast existing somewhere between real, dirty Punk and stylized Alex from The Clockwork Orange, or to combine these two in one coherent whole where they will penetrate each other.


Another idea that can be applied is to use the fragments of slogans cited on punk costumes, which used to be very popular.


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