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Punk culture inspired many fashion designers. They often used elements of this subculture literally. Ripped fabrics, leathers with slogans, accessories almost from the world of crime, like knuckles, nails, spikes. One of the distinctive characteristics was colorful irokez((hairstyle)?) and shoes strongly contrasting with black leather pants and jackets. The flagship idea of punk fashion was slogan DO IT YOURSELF. This claim did not only refer to sewing clothes from accidentally found materials, but also to everyday activities, such as for example repairing appliances. They had no skills but did it themselves to deny the existence of  problems , and express contempt to everything what was socially structured and organized.


As a result, they achieved quite opposite effect. Because of their indifferent and carefree life they became very provocative. Vivien Westwood, who started her career together with Malcolm McLaren defined punks as “too fast to live, to young to die”. I think, that the attempt to translate this expression into the language of fashion, a costume, could be very interesting. Vivien Westwood lived surrounded by this subculture. By bringing it into the world of fashion she spread it, but also commercialized – and thereby deprived it of its subversive nature. 

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