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Clockwork Orange, a film by Stanley Kubrick, was made in 1971. This time also marks the beginning of punk. Due to its very drastic message it was banned in many countries, also in Poland. After seeing a number of books, including ,, The Art Of Punk,,- Russ Bestley&Alex Ogg, I noticed a similar type of expression in Kubrick’s film and punk subculture. 


Punk music is sharp, dynamic, and vocal is more like a scream then singing. On stage, musicians behave provocatively, are aggressive. These qualities also emanate from Clockwork Orange;expressive acting of main characters, frequent close-ups on their faces or eyes. Their actions put them outside the law, just as punks placed themselves outside satiating, orderly culture of the affluent society.

Alex, the main hero, firstly spreads evil and violence and after being subjected to treatment, he changes. But then, his victims start taking  revenge on him, using the same methods. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. 
In Kubrick’s film violence is in the foreground. 

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