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Section 1 Progress and Achievement

I have learned lots of making skills like slip-casting and how to use different machines in the workshops. I always spend lots of spare time doing research in the library. What’s more, I have learned how to use softwares like photoshop. I learned how to analyse and develop my ideas by doing secondary research. At the start of my course, my models and ideas were less sophisticated because of lacking making skills and knowledge, but now I can make better models and develop my ideas more mature. 


Section 2 Pathway Choice

I like observing how people behave and designing products to solve the problems I found in my daily life. And I have passion about product design because I like making models and testing different materials. In the future, I plan to work for a company or studio to get more work experience. After I getting enough experience, I hope to return to school to study a MA to improve my ability. I hope to have my own studio or brand in the future.



Section 3 Project Proposal Aims and Realisation

My Unit 7 theme is about ‘Camping’, which is one of the most popular outdoor activities people doing nowadays with their families. We are living in a quite stressful society now, so it is really important for us to spend some time having fun with our families. My project aim is to help people get rid of pressure, encourage them go outdoors to enjoy the nature. I want to design a product can make people feel more enjoyable during the camping and promote the relationship among them. For my primary research, I will go camping with my friends, and some shops like go outdoors, the decathlon, and also look at some brands like snow peak.  I am going to do some questionnaires and interview people from different age groups. What do they think of camping? What do they need? What product they think need to be improved? How can I make them feel more enjoyable during the journey and so on. For my secondary research, I will look at some documentaries and read some books like the Outsiders. And I am going to visit the exhibition called Mapping The City and The London Transport Museum, also research scouts camping to do some research of the history background. I plan to experiment with different materials to discover what can help to improve my final idea.


Section 4 Evaluation

I will be evaluating by using my reflective journal, recording the research process, idea development and the making process of my work. I will record any changes to my original proposal in terms of ideas or practical solution through workflow.  I will use my research folder and bibliography to keep up to date with my research and for inspiration. 


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