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MoMA PS1 pavilion, by The Living

New York studio The Living has completed this year's MoMA PS1 gallery pavilion – a cluster of circular towers built from bricks that have been grown from corn stalks and mushrooms.

Designed by The Living principal David Benjamin, the structure is built from entirely from biodegradable materials.

Each of the bricks used to construct it were grown rather than manufactured, using a combination of agricultural byproducts and mushroom mycelium – a kind of natural digestive glue.Specially designed moulds were used to cultivate the bio-bricks. These were coated in a light-refracting film developed by materials firm 3M and some were then built into the structure around the top, helping to bounce light down inside. 

Gaps in the brickwork also help to naturally ventilate the interior using the stack effect, drawing cool air in at the bottom and pushing hot air out at the top.

Will urban farms require other structures to be built? What will these structures be made of? How well does this biobrick stand up to the elements? 


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