Andy Warhol's Final Interview

Paul Taylor: The market for your work has changed a little in the last few years. To people my age - in their twenties - you were always more important than to the collecting group of people in their fifties and sixties.

Andy Warhol: Well, I think the people who buy art now are these younger kids who have a lot of money.

Paul Taylor: And that's made a difference to your market.

Andy Warhol: Yeah, a little bit.

Paul Taylor: How important is it for you to maintain control?

Andy Warhol: I've been busy since I started - since I was a working artist. If I wasn't showing in New York I was doing work in Germany, or I was doing portraits.

Paul Taylor: What I mean is that as more and more artists come up, and as new galleries open every day, the whole idea of what an artist is changes. It's no longer so special, and maybe a more special artist is one who maintains more control of his or her work.

Andy Warhol: I don't know. It seems like every year there's one artist for that year. The people from twenty years ago are still around. I don't know why. The kids nowadays - there's just one a year. They stay around, they just don't...

Paul Taylor: You were identified with a few artists a couple of years ago - Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring.

Andy Warhol: We're still friends.

Paul Taylor: But I never see you with any of this season's flavors.

Andy Warhol: I don't know. they got so much press. It was great. I'm taking photographs now. I have a photography show at Robert Miller Gallery.

Paul Taylor: And there's going to be a retrospective of your films at the Whitney Museum.

Andy Warhol: Maybe, yes.

Paul Taylor: Are you excited about that?

Andy Warhol: No.

Paul Taylor: Why not?

Andy Warhol: They're better talked about than seen.

Paul Taylor: Your work as an artist has always been so varied, like Leonardo. You're a painter, a film maker, a publisher... Do you think that's what an artist is?

Andy Warhol: No.

Paul Taylor: Can you define an artist for me?

Andy Warhol: I think an artist is anybody who does something well, like if you cook well.

Paul Taylor: What do you think about all the younger artists now in New York who are using pop imagery?

Andy Warhol: Pretty good.

Paul Taylor: Is it the same as when it happened in the sixties?

Andy Warhol: No, they have different reasons to do things. All these kids are so intellectual.

Paul Taylor: Do you like the punk era?

Andy Warhol: Well, it's still around. I always think it's gone but it isn't. They still have their hard-rock nights at the Ritz. Do you ever go there?

Paul Taylor: No. But punk, like pop, might never go away.

Andy Warhol: I guess so.

Paul Taylor: How's Interview [the magazine] going?

Andy Warhol: It's not bad.

Paul Taylor: You're going to be audited soon for the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Andy Warhol: Yeah, they're doing it now.

Paul Taylor: What difference will it make?

Andy Warhol: I don't know.

Paul Taylor: It will be better for advertising...

Andy Warhol: Yeah.

© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved