‘cabbage bowls’ by yasuhiro suzuki

from www.dezeen.com

"white is not white. the receptivity that senses white is what gives birth to whiteness. so we cannot look for white. 
we need to search instead for a way of feeling that will sense white. depending on this search, for the receptivity that senses white, 
we will be able to aim our consciousness towards a white that is a liter whiter than the average white. with that ability, 
we will become conscious of white. and then we will become aware of white enmeshed in an incredible diversity in the world’s many cultures. 
we will become able to understand words like ‘tranquility,’ or ‘emptiness,’ and discern the meanings dormant within them. 
as we turn our attention toward white, the world gathers more light, and shadows deepen in degree
,’ he says.
this philosophy comes through in the book itself whereby white acts as space in which images and text are arranged in a
manner which allows everything to ‘breathe’ in such a way that provides the reader with a sense of calm.
there is no chaos, just simplicity so that even though the information at hand may seem complex, 
the ‘white’ brings a sense of clarity.“

© Yaohan Gu, all rights reserved