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I created my zine, very much inspired by original zines. which is evident in my design, I use the newspaper cut-outs throughout. My zine was made up of 8 pages, the title page, then the below pages, one is a link to celebrity culture and our obsession with them, then the page to the right, which is made up of newspaper cut-outs showing our obsession with scandalous stories. The newspaper is also a link to Daumier, as he created his illustration for a newspaper, many of the ones shown In the exhibition were cut out of newspapers. The other 5 pages were reasons why we are obsessed with scandal and gossip, as explained by psychoanalysts. which are:
-our vicarious pleasure in the rule breaking of another
-pleasure in the punishment of the rule-breaker
-our enjoyment in seeing someone 'get away with it'
-pleasure at being asked to 'forgive'
-distractions from the tedium's of ones own life

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