My costume is the abstract interpretation of  two Hogarth’s graphics. They present two different attitudes to life and have been depicted in the abstract ( symbolic) way, so I was not obliged to refer to costumes from the era. This allowed me to use more unconventional materials, such as sprayed jacket or modeling foam , thus giving them a second life.


I did not want to recreate or be inspired by costumes shown on prints. For me, rather the idea of contrast contained in Hogarth’s graphics was the starting point. Geometry on one side in opposition with sprayed fabric on the other, seemed the best way to express it.


Inspired by Works of Malevich ­ and other suprematysts I decided to remain in the aesthetics of geometry and simplicity of black and white colors, especially as it directly relates to them in graphics of  Hogarth. So the costume consists of simple geometric forms and the material which is substantial enlargement of lines graphic structure, as well as simplified to geometric stripes. 


Costume of others from the group strongly referred to the climate of costumes from the era. In the final presentation it appeared to be very beneficial for my project, as in such context my costume took on its proper meaning.


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