Black & Decker

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Black and Decker is the most popular power tool brand in the UK. Furthermore, it is the biggest manufacturer of power tools in the world with an unsurpassed global distribution network. Its one of the leading manufactures of lawn and gardening power tools and accessories. The brand continues to place emphasis on the importance of design, research and development. Black & Decker produces a wide range of tools and products for the home and garden. Black & Decker's power tools range includes cordless drills, jigsaws and sanders. 

Cordless Power Drills

The cordless power drill was introduce by the collaboration of NASA and Black & Decker as NASA couldn't drill samples out of the moon with a corded drill. They teamed up with a lil company called Black and Decker to make battery operated versions for moonwalks and built a whole DIY industry by accident.


Black & Decker aims to produce innovative products f and value for money or its consumers, whilst maintaining high quality. Black & Decker has increased its strong hold over the rest of the market by developing its multi-functional tools range. Black & Decker aims to ensure that its products are both exciting and challenging, but remain the best tools for the job.



  • 1910-  Black & Decker began in by two Americans, Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker to form their own manufacturing company.  The brand started off with a range of  equipment for the US mint, to bottle capping machinery. 
  • 1914 - begun to produce the goods for which it would subsequently become world-renowned. Opened in Boston and New York and a new factory was built in Towson, Maryland, to cope with the phenomenal growth. 
  • 1922 - Branch out to Canada 
  • 1928 -  The first factory was built in the UK, which produced a range of heavy-duty tools including tappers, screwdrivers and grinders. 
  • 1946 - Black & Decker created home tools to expand products. The company decided to make tools specifically aimed at this market — the company is now know as the DIY market.
  • 1960s - saw further expansion, with the opening of new branches in Scandinavia as well as in the UK, and the opening of new headquarters in Maidenhead. Black & Decker turned its hand to 'space development' in association with the National Aeronautical and Space Agency (NASA)Black & Decker devised a cordless zero-torque space tool, used on the Gemini project, and in the early 1970s, a Black & Decker moon drill was used to remove core samples from the lunar surface.
  • 2000 -  Black & Decker launched a sawing range, making a traditionally hard working tool, into a safe and efficient one with three blades for different sawing needs.
  • 2003 -  the popular Quattro Multi-tool was relaunched. The 14.4V Quattro Multi-tool is an all-in-one answer to the four key DIY tasks -- drilling, sanding, screwdriving and jigsawing -- achieved with its interchangeable heads. The Quattro¨ Multi-tool is one of the most successful and easy to use power tools on the DIY market.


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