Clara Terne

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Clara Terne is a art director, illustrator and image-maker educated in London College of Communication and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has been acknowledged by leading international design magazines such as Creative Review, Étapes and *Wallpaper. Clara is inspired by everyday boredom, and how to escape it. She likes to investigate the everyday, taking small events and trying to see them from a different angle.

She works on a variety of projects, alone and in collaborations, with an interest in technology, storytelling and visual expression running through all of them. Self described as aiming for work that is explorative, playful and ever evolving, Clara makes it happen with a nice mix of illustration and custom typography.

"I often ponder over the physical limitations of everyday life. The sense of my body being trapped in the here and now, in being able to imagine so much and experience so little in comparison, and the downhearted disappointment of it all. I have tried to find ways to bridge the gap between the physical place and the mental space. I strive to create escapes from our rigid surroundings – to create little holes in the everyday where the void creates content. " - Clara Terne.


Most of Clara's work seems to feature pastel isometric or geodesic structures and balloon-like shapes, playing from almost a childlike view of the world. Simple vectors and flat colours feature heavily in her work, lending it a sort of collaged feel. A peculiar blend of blobby and angular, her work seems like something that would be found in a child's drawer of toys, full of rocks and pencil and spare toy parts, fluffy things and crystalline objects.

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