Beer Street

The mood is joyful and full of people resting after their hard work. The idea is that beer inspires and refreshes laborers and can be drunk safely and responsibly.

The setting for Beer Street is located somewhere around Trafalgar Square in St Giles. This is identifiable by the church St-Martin-in-the-Fields in the distance. From this hangs a flag of celebration in honor of King George II's birthday. This also indicates the date to us, his birthday being 30th October. The workers are celebrating in honor of him and their Britishness. The prints are dated as 1751 but a paper in Beer Street reads 1748. Perhaps the scene is set then, or maybe Hogarth just started working on them at that time. 

The character I am focusing on is situated at the Pawnbrokers. He is assumedly working class. The Pawnbroker is the only business struggling in the area as Beer Street is overall hardworking an successful and so pawning is not needed and hides from debt collectors. In comparison the Pawnbroker is the only thriving industry in Gin Lane as people sell their goods in order to buy alcohol. 

Based on him being a working class male I shall need to do research into the clothing worn at this time. I already have a collection of images from the era (here) but it is mosty later in date and female based. 

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