beer Alley 1750

In this print the spire of St Martins in the Fields can be seen in the distance, serving to contrast the good taste of James Gibbs' monument with the pompous baroque conceit of Hawksmoor's church shown on the Gin Lane print.

Under the influence of good old British beer, Prosperity and Contentment crown Father Fatness with Happiness, and buxom Wenches show a proper inclination to Flirtatiousness. The only business not flourishing here is the pawnbroker's on the right. Compare the pawnbroker in Gin Lane.

Further evincing a rather well developed sense of good order and proper conduct, the parcel of books in the lower right corner is on its way to the luggage maker to be used as lining paper. The books include Modern Tragedies, Hill on Royal Societies, Turnbull on Antique Painting, Politicks Vol. 9999 and Lauder on Milton. Lauder had tried to impugn Milton with plagiarism, and, as a parcel, the books represent views and opinions for which, if good sense prevailed, there would be no market.

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