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Séance de Shadow II (1998)

Dominique Gonzalez-Foester

During the 1990s Dominique Gonzalez-Foester created various spaces and rooms, designed to be activated by the audience's presence so that the viewer would become a part of the work. With many of these installations, the artist set out to expand the perception of the visual arts to include both a temporal element and the viewer's experience. The intention was to fill the exhibition space with time and specially created atmospheres, rather than with objects or materials, so that the room is understood as a form of narrative space. For Séances de Shadow, industrial lamps with motion sensors project silhouettes of the viewers onto the walls, which are painted in the same deep blue as the carpet that covers the floor. The blue walls and carpet generate a cinematographic feeling that evokes the early ages of film-making. This primitive form of projection amplifies the viewer's immersion in the process of creating the situation before them. But Gonzalez-Foester wants not only to transform each viewer into an actor; she wants also to suggest an exploration of space and time and its visual construction.

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