Russell Cobb

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Russell Cobb is a leading artist Illustrator based in the UK. Russell's background in design and fine art enables his work to sit comfortably in both arenas. Russell's commercial and personal work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Zurich and Paris. He has guest lectured at many leading establishments throughout the UK and Europe, amongst others Central Saint Martins School of Art London, Grafill Oslo and the Association of Dutch Designers Amsterdam.

Russell's working practise is based on hundreds of sketchbooks and working drawings, containing Russell’s unique and quirky view of the world, and it’s this working method that underpins his commissioned work. He uses Photoshop to scan sketches and to try compositions for the final artwork but the computer is only a supporting tool rather than the creative element at the heart of his work. At the core is the drawing process informed by his personal life and interests. Although his works often remind of a comic-style narrative and titles such as ‘The Exploration Works’ suggest a common theme they never use obvious metaphors to represent ideas. Instead, he has invented his own rather unique visual language making him one of the most versatile illustrators currently working in the UK.

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