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Haus Ur (2001)

Gregor Schneider

The German artist Gregor Schneider began work on the transformation of his house sixteen years ago and has continued ever since. Constantly developing, constructing and reconstructing, he has moved walls, built rooms within rooms, backed up windows, until it seems as if the whole house has been transfigured into an endless labyrinth of floors, stairs, doors and holes. What is important is not only the transformation of the house, but also the physical experiences the visitor undergoes when inside it. The atmosphere is intense, and everything seems out of proportion and subtly irregular. The false walls and rooms, which get smaller and smaller with every floor, absorb all noise, creating a creepy silence. The visitor soon becomes disoriented and is left with the question, how many more rooms, how many more inserts, can this house take before it finally implodes?

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