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"I have started a series called 'public private communications’, that being sentences which I or anyone might have said privately to a close friend, but have a larger universality when put in the public sphere. This piece was printed recently in Ladies & Gentlemen magazine." -Bantjes on how are you (?) from designboom.

Bantjes' peculiar, weaving and almost calligraphic style is inherently visible in this piece. She sacrifices legibility for intricacy and opulence in design, which is enough to attract the viewer for a closer look, whereupon the message of the piece becomes visible. Perhaps this prolonged understanding of the message is calculated, in pursuance of the theme of 'public private communications', in which the privacy of the conversation is maintained. It is lost in the chaos of surrounding conversations, each brought into focus only upon concentration on the particular thread, otherwise mingling in the interwoven tapestry of vibrant life.

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