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Model making

Looking at the paper models I made, I quite like the idea of model 3 which cover part of the face and I think it will provide Yi Hong the sense of security too. I want to develop this idea further and start to think about the material of the piece.

I decided to use wire mesh to build up the inside of the model because I have worked with it before. For the surface of the model, I first wanted to use paper mache as it gives a rough texture that feels more nature. However, I realised it is to heavy for the wire mesh so I have changed the surface material to textured paper. As painting can be time consuming, I chose to use spray paint to colour the plain surface of the textured paper. It also gives a very harmonious and yet colourful tone. 

For the inside of the model, I applied glitter on by mod podge to give a shinny finish and also want to create a starry-sky-like effect (as she said she likes to imagine so that this little space can provide a space for her.)

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