John Stezaker

As always being a fan of Stezaker after I had discovered him at college, I was thrilled to see his work featured at this exhibition.

John Stezaker’s work combines and reveals different layers of reality using found imagery. Working in collage since the 1970s, Stezaker has been a forerunner in giving old images a new context and his analogue work is more relevant than ever to a younger digital generation. Stezaker will show a selection of silk screens and collages, many of which will be new for MIRRORCITY.

He describes his collages as being 'Like dreams that you can never quite remember' he moves images from one world into another. I've always found this selection of work by Stezaker to be his most prominent and best work. Due to the strange idea of the pieces - cutting up one image to be a part of another. 

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