Lindsay Seers

Her projects weave storytelling with historical research and biography. Lindsey Seers enlists film, photography, sculpture and writing in a search for truths that remain tantalisingly ungraspable. She follows a trail of uncanny coincidences, ambiguous allusions and hidden signs. 

Nowhere Less Now (iam nowhere)

Video.. Seers reconstructs the hull of HMS London, a decommissioned warship involved in an anti-slavery mission in Zanzibar. In a form of double-vision, the films are projected on twin screens, while the sound is heard through headphones, relaying the stroy in your head. It's a mexed media installation, two-channel HD video projection with stereo sound on headphones.

My Thoughts...

I really enjoyed the idea of listening to the video on your own through headphones, plugging in your headphones to actually become part of the piece. Listening to the video on your own is more personal - like someone is individually talking to you, I also enjoyed the idea of having two screens - you have a freedom of choice of which one to look at. The films itself were hard to understand, but was very intriguing and you really had to listen. Seers would seem like a ghost/echo through the haunting ways she repeats her words and appears haunted through her tone of voice.

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