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Despite little time we dealt well with the basic problem. We had to join together five different projects. The concept of contrast was a starting point. We adopted our projects as the metaphor for one day in the life of a business man. We tried to showe the contrast between corporate world  and the private home atmosphere.   

I think, that one of the most interesting element of our presentation was combination of different spaces. One of the projects was presented through Skype from completely different place. Later we showed films which we had done few days earlier (projected on a wall), and the presentation ended here and now, namely as the life show. This lack of time and place unity made our presentation outstanding.  In the final phase of the presentation we showed worm, cozy interior of a house arranged in the classroom. To those watching, it was a big surprise that at some point we stopped to narrate our idea and became heroes of our arrangement and the last domestic sequence was played live by us. 

The interest of many students and the response of teachers gave me a lot of satisfaction. 


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