PARADOR is a collaborative project by Paris-based architect David Tajchman and  filmmaker Benjamin Seroussi that fuses each of their signature styles and specialties. Starring dancer Olivier Mathieu and model Katya Pushkina, the short film's theme touches on the "complex rules of attraction and repulsion that end up creating energy, shape evolution, and anti-gravity," as mentioned on Tajchman's website.

Seroussi's experience in fashion film and music videos is obvious in PARADOR, which uses strong angles and slow-paced panning techniques seen in high-end fashion ads on TV. Mathieu and Pushkina, in all their conventionally attractive physical features, are decoratively armored in tetrahedral structures as they dance and pose around each other like two birds engaged in a courtship display. The futuristic structures they wear — which Tajchman and the design team created — hint at Tajchman's work methods of using digital tools and handcrafted models. 

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