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In the morning we had a peer crit session where for an hour we walked around all the work people had produced thus far and leaving post-it note comments on the work. This was quite a daunting experience to see the work yet really insightful. Some had produced lots of exciting things yet equally other had done only one shoot yet it was incredibly strong photography. Not everything had been presented in my book yet which made me feel behind in comparison to the others in the class. I had lots of feedback with many asking what my theme was for my publication. I think this had also left my mind too but with post editing and putting the magazine together as a refined piece of work it will become clear. I know I don't necessarily have a theme except my manifesto was four words: clean, vibrant, block, colour. In a sense this is my theme for my publication and I feel that I will need to go through my work when editing and it does fit with this aesthetic. 


We then had The White Show in the afternoon. Being the longest running project at CSM I was extremely excited to be a part of it. With half of us working backstage I was in the other group who were part of pre drinks. We had to sit completely still and focused while watching a surveillance video on loop, recorded prior to the event by the FCP first year students. It was quite gruelling to not talk and not look around as people mingled and chatted but an achievement all the same. I really think the FCP students created a great show paying attention to detail like including us as a live piece of performance art in a sense and staying in character - even things like the confetti being TWS bank notes was a nice touch lifting the quality of the show. I heard someone had said this was the best White Show in 6 years, which is an amazing compliment! 

- Brief ideas on what I would improve for TWS:

Live streaming of the show on their website and or 1 Granary website.


Making the uni dark with spot lights on the models walking > photography still okay or not ?

Using the uni space even more to decorate and work with set design. 

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