Wool a sustainable fabric


Wool is a renewable resource that can be shorn from the sheep naturally. Sheep need to be sheared in early spring to be comfortable in the summer, and when it comes to winter the wool grows back. This is making the sheep stay healthy and in good condition. It is biodegradable which make it kinder to the environment when disposed. Wool is sustainable, many organic farmers are coming back to using this method as its clean and healthy, without stress to the animals and to the environment. Wool is more sustainable when people buy organic wool, meaning the sheep have been raised without any harmful chemicals. Organic wool yarn is not chemically treated during the entire production process, from the farm to the finishing garment of product. 

Lamb's Wool - the first fleece shorn from a sheep, generally having a softer feel to the fiber. The sheep is not harmed, only shorn as usual.

Virgin Wool - wool that has not been previously processed. It is not referring to the sheep in any way.

Boiled Wool - an additional step where wool fabric is boiled after it's been woven. It also is not referring to the sheep in any way


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