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I resigned from the bottom white matter. I had the need to get even closer to the climate of brick wall. I got the idea to build the lower part using a  newspaper. It is “natural” because is recycled. It has a color print, which makes the final effect closer to the colorful brick. There is still one more essential element in the expression of the newspaper. Printing is always subjected to the principle of vertical columns and horizontal verses.  These are in a way common elements with grey, technically geometric wall which inspired major part of my costume. This is the important element which causes that both surfaces can coexist! The upper part is strongly influenced by Rick Owens, who is the master of transferring large and geometrical architectural planes to clothing. 

I think that the clash of these two separate worlds in a single silhouette through the use of a newspaper and large upper plain will be much more pronounced. 

Looking at two different walls I wonder why some combinations of two values work and are acceptable, whereas some do not. In the case of my two walls, I think the answer is the grout between bricks. Them through their geometry and color refer to the oppositional, grey, technical surface. Modifying my project I will take it into account.  


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