Body monument as a means of expression is an extremely interesting problem. Sometimes I sit on a bench in the park and watch people passing before my eyes. It is unending spectacle of various characters in which, however, some common features for different categories of people can be extracted. For example, women generally walk differently from men, obviously young people from old.

These are the most evident categories talking about gender and age.

His was the subject of our today first exercise – to visualize by means of drawing these two defining characteristics of a man. But by observing the body movements a lot more information can be drawn.

This was the topic of the second task – how human body changes under the influence of emotions. Xymena Zaniewska, Polish theater and TV set designer said very accurately that “it is easer to say with the body that you love someone then that someone is your uncle”. Such emotions like joy, sadness, depression, rage, self-confidence are expressed by body consciously or subconsciously. The less means of expression we use to articulate a given emotion, the better actors we are. Sometimes we use the phrase “overdone character” to describe actor’s performance, which means that actor used too strong artistic expressions to build the character.

But there is a whole range of information about a man, which can not be expressed by body movement or facial mimics. They go well beyond sphere of emotions.


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