Today the task was to give new, different meaning to the already existing space – without using any additional requisites. We were given the space next to the exit, nearby table-tennis tables. We decided to use existing elements as props for our performance. We changed the sliding door into electronic control gate ( such as in airport check-in entrance), and the area with tables into training room for the best players of table-tennis. The success of the performance was mainly based on how much we are able using words and gestures to convince the viewers that the space is not  the school corridor. Viewers were prepared to be transformed into different space. We were to prove that it is really. The number of people in the group caused that every time we had to change our roles. I think that if each of us was assigned a specific character, it would be easer to be credible. Within ten minutes time we acted many characters, which in the absence of acting talent, made it difficult to be credible. 

The situation changes in the second task. This time we could select the space for our performance. We arranged that each member of our group would play a specified one character. The action unfolded linearly along marked sections. Each of us had defined path in time and space in which his audience was taken. Then the audience was handed over to the next student. We invented a story about traveling circus and each of us portrayed one of the circus character. This will be the starting point for our further actions.

In both tasks we have become creators of new situation in the space which function has been already defined.


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