Lighting up Kings Cross

In my research of the history of the Kings Cross area I notice one distinct difference which is light; in the old photographs and old explanations of the area there is at first the picture of a buzzing industrial centre which quickly fades into the 90' perception of Kings cross which is a dingy run-down area used only for train inter-links. However now the buzz of the 19th century industrial era seems to be back and a lot brighter; it seems that wherever i look when leaving Uni in the dark of an evening, i see a source of light, in the CSM fountains, streetlampps, the cage swing and the brightly lit new corridor entrance to Kings Cross St. Pancras station. Looking at old pictures compared to new pictures i can see a burst of life and light due to the modernisation of the area, as new businesses move into the area it is becoming more noticeable and recognised. The idea of light pollution and modernisation replacing the old perceptions of kings cross is something i would like to focus on in this project.

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