Kings Cross - Gasholder 8


When researching Kings cross and its history i came across reports of industrialisation and polluting company's such as gas and coal works; I then looked at the recently renovated Gas holder 8 which will soon be made into a park in a new location from its old spot. Here is some research I gathered from the official kings cross website:


Gasholder No.8 was built for the storage of town gas for Pancras Gasworks. Gas was manufactured here using coal from the Imperial Gas, Light and Coke Company. The gasholder formed part of the largest gas works in London and remained in use until the late 20th Century. It was decommissioned in 2000.

The gasholder was originally constructed in the 1850s and expanded in 1883. The guideframe consists of 16 hollow cylindrical cast iron columns in two tiers and two levels of wrought iron riveted lattice girders. The distinctive 25 metre high circular guide frame has an internal diameter of over 35 metres.


The St. Pancras gas works and its famous holders the prominent, and listed, gasholders which everyone could see as their train pulls out of Kings Cross and/or St.Pancras Stations have gone. "A fine example of gas making practice.' Until 1869 this was the largest works in London with every facility available to the modern gasworks of the Victorian period. 


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