Alexander McQueen's No.13


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Alexander McQueen's No.13

This performance is the finale of Alexander McQueen's 1999 S/S fashion show(NY). 

The show was inspired by the Artist Rebecca Horn of two shotguns firing blood-red paint at each other. 

That time was just before 2000's which is fully expected of futurism. Designers shows vision of furural fashion via high technologies. 

Alexander McQueen used industrial mauchine and paint which used for coloured car in factory and tried to show mechanism on fashion.

He placed the theatrical model Shalom Harlow on a turning platform and she was wearing a white dress, being spray-painted by two industrial robots. 


This is one of my favorite show include all kind of shows. It it performance, fashion and a piece of art. This work is possible just once and even will be different with rehearsal. It is challenge but I am excited for this magical moment. Sprays make unique patterns, textures and colours at that time and that moment looks like a scene of film. Alexander McQueen's works are fancy and strong normally. But this work is simple and moreover, has a stronger impact than any other works. I prefer simple and strong works and this is what I want to do exactly. It has broken my fixed idea and I love coexistence of various areas on this show. After watching this show, I don't think art is just 'art' and fashion is just 'fashion'. It is totally up to artists/designers and could be shown up in any way. Especially, the performance is just for one moment which is very short and I think it is most fun way to present works. These things are make me think and think, so it is not easy sometimes. However, I really enjoy it and get ideas from these works more than any other works.   


 Information from The Show (Vogue Korea's 13 years) 

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