The New York Times - September 26th, 2014

Alexandra Jacobs, fashion critic, spied this gem among Olympia’s latest; a T-strap pump adorned with a beaded rendering of a Native American woman. And it seems she had the sneaking suspicion that people would be a little unsettled by the shoe.”

Thoughts: I agree with The New York Times as this particular shoe doesn’t sit well in the fashion industry as fashion has been reducing the cultural iconography of basic humanity of people of colour to accessories.

The Cut - Cat Flat Fever by Allison P Davis

The Kitty Loafer might be better suited to a 7-year-old, but there's something amusing about a cult of celebrities who wear them with pride. Yes, I have a cat photos on my phone, but instead of showing them to you, I will invest $600 in this clever, self-referential joke that comes in glitter, satin, velvet, or suede.” Also, c'mon. Cats.”

Thoughts: I have mixed feelings about The Cut and there opinions. I do agree that the kitten flat can be worn for a 7-year-old, but there is no harm in women wanting to wear something a bit more cute and quirky. 

Gary Pepper - Blog 

“A lover of Charlotte Olympia, she amazes me with her beautiful, unique and incredibly chic designs. Each perfectly executed with no faults to note. I feel like she just gets me and everything I would want in a shoe. Simple, classic designs turned into beautiful statement pieces with her gold foil platform or touch of quirkiness” 


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