Katie Paterson 'Vatnajokull (the sound of) 2007/8 - Altermodern Tate Triennial


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I thought that Katie Patersons work is really beautiful as she looks as far back as the big bang and how particles from back then form the basis of what is now. She looks at energy as a limited resource as Altermodern states an email from Alex Gibbs an astronomer to Paterson 'if the universe keeps expanding then the entropy will just increase and everything will slowly die and there will be no free energy left' I love how conceptual and philosophical her work is based on spaces and her photographs are really inspiring and convey her subject of energy and the natural components of the world around us.

What is interesting about 'The sound of' is that it is not only a visual piece t is also interactive an audible as stated on her website when the piece was exhibited a number was to be rung by audience members and they would hear the sounds omitted from a microphone under the glaciers in the images.

'An underwater microphone lead into Jökulsárlón lagoon - an outlet glacial lagoon of Vatnajökull, filled with icebergs - connected to an amplifier, and a mobile-phone, which created a live phone line to the glacier. The number +44(0)7757001122 could be called from any telephone in the world, the listener put through to Vatnajökull. A white neon sign of the phone number hung in the gallery space.'   http://www.katiepaterson.org/vatnajokull/ 


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