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F A S H I O N  A N D  T E X T I L E  W E E K ( p a r t I, II and III)


I prepared this week during the independent study week. I went to the library and researched different fashion designer and artists that were related to deconstruction. I started with Martin Magiela, then I continued with Hussein Chalayan, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Gracons, Rick Owens… As for artists I tried to know more about Roan Opalka that deconstructed time with his endless serie of numbers, Marcel Duchamp who decomposed movement in his early painted (like in Nude descending a staircase), the futuristes who decomposed movements (thanks to chronophotography), the cubistes who deconstructed and reconstructed images mixing different points of vue, or even th Surrealist who sometimes combined different realities to create a new recontruced reality. 


My next step was to but my jacket, I found a vey interesting leather trench that had a lot of details that I believed would be interesting to work with. The material, leather was very soft and thine so working with it should be to hard (as I’ve heard that it was a complicated material and working could be complicated). 
Then I started to fo Fashion Illustrations. 
I like to start with collages, as abstract as I can get with only the suggestion of a silhouette, and a lot of materials, shapes and textures that I try to make cohabit ate in an harmonious way. 
Then I try form that abstraction to extract the sculptural shape, the combisaisons of color, the interesting textures and to make in step by step into a more figurative outcome.

I enjoye that process a lot, starting with an abstraction and extracting the figurative.


Then I made a small mood board to guide me in my experimentation, to give me ideas and inspiration. I spent quite a lot of time doing that as I believe it is one of the most important steps. It’s a starting point that no one will see but will feel in the final outcome.

Then the week started, we experimented on the mannequin, on real people, we combined it with other garments, we drew it from different angles with different mediums. The exploration of the jacket had to be reflected in the exploration of mediums that we used to represent in (or that’s how I understood the process that the teachers lead us into).

Then it was all about deconstruction, I started to undo almost all of the sewing so that it would be deconstructed, I played with it for a day truing different possibilities.
I also added some linen and explored it’s quality as a fabric.
I chased this very fine, thine almost like veil material because I thought that it could contrast in an harmonious way with the thickness and the boldness of the leather.

I also enjoyed the last part of the week that consisted in getting inspired by your own work and to create textiles that could go with it. I tried to make my samples textural so that they could inspire me for illustrations and add volume to my sketches (I believe that adding 3D in a 2D sketches bring them to life).

Then on the independent study day I went back to the library and researched more in-depth fashion designers like Chalayan or Margiela. I also looked at different magazines to get inspiration for my workflow lay out and sketchbook, our two way of communicating our work.

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