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The process our group chose to study was embroider. When I think about embroidery I think of very intricate designs and patterns ; a form of decoration very much associated with femininity. In the past it was seen to be a sign of wealth. It is quite a controlled method of decoration which can be done either by hand or machine. It also has the ability to distort, fragment or recompose images, create motifs, symbols, text and decoration.

I went to the British Museum to collect more research and was both surprised and fascinated by information I came across. There was a lot of cultural references to embroidery. For example there were a lot of displays of embroidered pieces ranging from garments like warrior shirts and head wear to household items such as duvets and cushions. This was because in some cultures embroidered patterns are used for personal protection. It is seen as a way of safeguarding children by keeping them away from evil spirits and instead bringing them good fortune and health. I also thought that this linked to Wearing's work as she uses masks in many of her films and photography work. Masks could too be seen as a form of protection just like the tradition of embroidering in some cultures is a way of protecting people.

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