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Evaluating the Sustainabiltiy of Practices and Projects
Project Leader(s) Project Title Outcome Description Downloads accessed from the right   
Patricia Austin Life and Death: Project Toolkit The Toolkit is intended to help students consider the social, economic, ecological and cultural sustainability of their work, both during and after their studies.  Download 01  
Jane Penty Product Design and Sustainability This project led to the creation of a resource base & tools for understanding, applying and evaluating sustainable design practices; along with the development of a sustainable design evaluation tool adapted for product design project work

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Stephen Carter Crossings The project aimed to determine the short and longer-term impact of introducing ethical and sustainable practice issues into fine art curriculum. It Investigate how the introduction of issues of ethical practice and sustainability manifest themselves through the working practices and discussions of students within a fine art course. Download 03  
Strategies for Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Centre for Sustainable Fashion Sustainable literacy in Design Education This project built upon the growing body of literature on sustainability literacy within design education and to relate it to the experiential learning taking place through the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s projects. Online  
Patricia Austin Sustainability Archive This archive presents selected works from Central Saint 
Martin’s MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments
which relate to the diverse and evolving issue of sustainability.
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Amanda Johnston Sustainable Fabrics and Fibres This online resource provides a valuable research tool for staff and students to that presents the complexity of issues surrounding the sustainability criteria of various fibres and fabrics in a clear and accessible format. Online  
Resources for Students
Sarah Temple and Tara Hanrahan Conscientious Communicators Led to the development of ten assignments that place environmental and socially responsible thinking at the heart of the curriculum, expand on good practice that occurs at LCC (and the University as a whole), and fosters a set of values and challenges for all academic levels and disciplines to consider.

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