The Jacket F&T -Fabrics


In response to the task I was trying to refer as much as possible to the designed jacket. I wanted to create certain entity. The material that I used is not sophisticated decorative fabric, but very simple material with a wide weave – It is called “jute” and potato sacks are made from it. It is also synonym for simplicity and poverty. But it contains the basic idea of the fabric: weft and warp. 


Designing the fabric I also used deconstruction process to further separate weft and warp. I “freed” weft from warp! It resulted in formation of random, dynamic directions which turned out to be interesting as patterns. (photo 1)


The next procedure was to introduce into my fabric the same weft but in bigger scale, different in color and material. The horizontal direction of the weft was repeated, however it appeared very strange in the matter. (photo 2a) white.

It was enough to use instead of the plastic a piece of white string and although I threaded the weft diagonally the whole is coherent and dynamic. (photo 2b)


I also combined this simple material with the reflective glossy paper. The combination turned out to be very irritating!  I imagined it in the extremely large scale, which would even strengthen the dissonance between these two materials! (photo 3)


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