The Jacket F&T Day 3



In the process of deconstruction – destroying I have learned about the object and tried to craft (process) it in a way to include new knowledge about its construction as well as associations and emotions related to it. 

After all, the deconstruction process is not analytic slicing of a frog on the table! 

This process is very emotional. And the emotions are not any smaller then creation of an own vision.

Actually what is the difference between these processes? While creating, I have some idea about the final effect. I strive to something. While deconstructing, I “run away” from the thing in somehow unspecified direction. Only during the operation the vision of the object clarifies itself and actually we do not know when the deconstruction ends and creation begins!!!

The final outcome is a project in a sense indistinguishable from a one that could be developed in the reverse process, that is “construction”.

The thought which occurred to me during the work was to deconstruct the thing in such a way  that from four different points of view it would induce different sensations in viewers. 

Parallel axis I called “towards the ground – towards the top”.

Perpendicular axis “nature – geometry”.

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