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Sarah Lucas is one of my favourite conceptual artists, i remember last year when i went to see her exhibition in white chapel myself and juts being stunned in every room i went too. Her artwork speaks for itself and she is a strong feminist artist, it was actually one of her pieces that inspired me for the 'behaviour' project. It was one of her small pieces and i could not help but laugh at her crude choice of words she used to describe women. This then made me think towards the alphabet and language... so really lucas was the main aspiration to my piece. Theres this blunt and rawness about her pieces which i adore, even when doing my alevels i was constantly obsessed with her work not because its slightly cheeky but because its straight forward, smart and thought provoking.... i know im going on a bit of  a tangent but shes really inspiring to me as shes like a modern day Francis bacon if you like.... who is another artist i inspire too

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