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F I N E A R T W E E K ( p a r t I II a n d III )


The first day was all about reflexion and exploration.
We had to think about what sort of meaning, of message, of questions, of narrative we wanted to transmit through this medium: paint. I had a lot of doubts between 2 D and 3 D, I thought that I could use this incertitude in my process. I thought of applying questions of the 3 D domain in the 2 D.
As a starting point we had to do collages. I thought that it was a avery good way to begin because the time period for this project was short so to start with all ready existing elements was both efficient and interesting.
It's interesting aesthetically wise because when you look at the pictures each of us has selected it says a lot about us, it unveils our fast for certain subjects, shapes and colors. But it's also interesting to represent (paint) imitating a representation (collage). It's a very deep process that could be reflected even further...

As I was saying before my aim throughout this project was to raise questions that applied to 3 dimensional elements to the 2 D.  


That is what my first collages looked like. I wanted to do an anamorphose like The Ambassadeurs by Holbein, using the edges of the canvas so that the spectator would have to move around the painting (may be even tricking him thinking that the canvas was blank from a frontal point of view and from this chock the spectator would then question the piece an move around it looking for answers as in a 3 dimensional piece).



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Here is the anamorphose ( on the left is a picture of the painting when you look at it form a frontal point of view and on the right is a picture of the painting when you look at it form a specific angle). The image is revealed by the movement. Then I went to buy a canvas but (after going to three different shops on monay night to that I could have it the next day) I couldn't find one with the edges thick enough to make this idea work...
So I still bought a canvas and thought that it could still be a part of my work. I thought more about this 3 diminutional aspect in a painting... and browsing in my computer I found a picture of a statue: The three graces.


 And I thought that this sculpture was a very good inspiration. Why? Because it's a sculpture that you will never fell to see fully from one point, you have to rotate around the piece in order to see every faces of the protagonistes.
There is a real mystery that invites the spectator to do so, to try to find the clue to the meaning of this. I then decided that I would use three edges of the canvas the two sides and the front. I represented each grace on one side and used different mediums to represent them.

The first Grace is represented on the left side painted white on a mirror, these graces have an aestheical meaning an harmony, a beauty (that explains the mirror as it is an artifact of civilisation to acknowledge our appearance. In plus if the spectator doesn't position him self introit of the mirror he won't be able to see what is represented (the grace).
On the other side I used transfer so that it would be a representation (the transfere of a representation (the picture) of a representation ( the sculpture).
It's a Mise en abysm as the french says. Then for the front I did a low relief, so a sort of statue but, instead of making it understandable for a frontal point of view I made it look abstract from the front so that the spectator would have to rotate around the piece and realize that you can only see the third grace when you look on the sides and her profil, brest and legs are revealed.


When the moments of the Crits came, people said that they like my piece because of the interaction with the space the public and the painting. It's always attractive when you get to be a part of something (here a painting). Because that means that without a public the piece doesn't live. On Friday I still wanted to paint... But I didn't know on what... And I thought that there was one side of the canvas I didn't used. The back. I wanted to use again the anamorphose because I couldn't do it before so I modifies my approach to this idea. I mad a few more collages and the result was this. 


I really enjoyed this week. It was very stimulating intellectually and I liked the ambience of the course. I'm not sure I want to become a fine artist but I wonder if I could use what I learn in this subject and apply it to an other subject to enrich it.

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