The Jacket F&T Day 2



After analyzing the deconstruction process from previous day, I decided to concentrate on relation of the fabric from deconstructed jacket with one which in a way repeated enlarged weave of the original. I imagined the upper parts of the composition as smooth, large surfaces and extremely dynamic bottom. 

It was mostly the bottom part which was subjected to deconstruction. Because of the complicated lower forms, the fabric seemed menacing down. It was very difficult to control simultaneously one part of the costume and the whole, and at the same time to keep proper relations between two different surfaces. 

We need all the time to control the relationship of one form over the other. As the effect the lower part of the project has been treated too uniformly. As far as the contrast of the dynamic bottom and calm top works well, the relation between three lower elements are too monotonous. Tomorrow I will try to make them more dynamic by closing down with a strong slant and diversification of the three bottom dynamic elements.

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