The Jacket F&T Day 1

Today we concentrated on the deconstruction process. 

We are used to the fact that we are usually trying to create something. We have the matter, subject and the idea. We expect the desired effect. In Poland we have the saying “We know something from the lining” – meaning very good. In the process of deconstruction I learned about the object and I tried to prepare it in such a way that it reflected my newly gained experience.

We deal with things on daily basis and do not concentrate on the logic of their construction. At the very beginning it is easy to imagine what we want to achieve, especially when encountered with something as usual as a jacket. But when a jacket changes its natural form, we loose our point of reference and become confused. When deconstructing my own jacket I kept going back to the previous stage to be all the time aware what is happening with, and beside this I decided to subject my intuitive thinking to certain rigors.


I assumed:

1. to change the axis of the object

2. to show the bottom 

3. to show the inner and outer part of the jacket

4. to look for geometry and softness

5. white fabric (the intruder) reinforces the assumptions


© Krystian Jarnuszkiewicz, all rights reserved